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Recently, Liaoning Jinhua Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. has entered the commissioning stage of 450000 tons of Ethylene Engineering (P/P) and Binghua Petrochemical Group

according to the planning requirements of China Ordnance Group for building the petrochemical industry chain of "overseas petroleum resources - oil refining - ethylene - special chemical industry", during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, Huajin Group implemented two main projects: 5 million T/a oilization and 450000 T/a ethylene expansion, as well as 200000 t/a ethylene oxide, 140000 T/a ABS, cogeneration, sewage treatment and other supporting projects, with a total of 25 new units, And cooperate with Panjin City to develop a fine chemical park that undertakes the deep processing of liquefied products of key projects

5 million T/a ethylene raw material project is a chemical crude oil processing unit based on the overseas crude oil resources of China ordnance industry group, following the process route of heavy oil, light oil and petrochemical integration, and mainly producing ethylene cracking raw materials. The project consists of 9 units, including atmospheric and vacuum distillation, hydrocracking, delayed coking, continuous reforming, aromatics extraction, diesel hydrofining and sulfur recovery. Except for the u-energy-saving door and window OP technology used for continuous reforming procurement, all other units adopt domestic advanced technology. After putting into operation, it will provide 2 million tons/year of high-quality ethylene cracking raw materials such as naphtha and hydrogenation tail oil and 2 million tons of diesel oil and other products for downstream production units every year

450000 T/a ethylene reconstruction and expansion project is based on the original 180000 T/a production capacity of Panjin Ethylene. The project is composed of seven units including ethylene, high density polyethylene, CO polypropylene, styrene, gasoline hydrogenation, aromatics extraction and butadiene extraction, all of which adopt first-class technology at home and abroad. After putting into operation, 550000 tons of polyolefin and 800000 tons of other petrochemical products will be added every year. Import sources are highly concentrated

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