Commissioning steps of bridge erecting machine

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Trial operation steps of bridge erecting machine

③ fully loosen the overflow valve, turn on the power supply, turn on the oil pump, and run idly under no load. Observe whether the rotation direction of the oil pump is correct, monitor whether the oil pump has noise and other operation conditions, and idle run for 510 minutes

the biggest problem encountered in the development of wood plastic industry is unclear standards

④ rotate (or push-pull) the manual directional valve and properly tighten the overflow valve to start the jack, and then expand and retract four or five times in full stroke. To eliminate the air in the system as much as possible

⑤ the manual reversing valve shall not act too fast or too violently when operating the reversing. When the manufacturer of a batch of low-end products is going to be eliminated from the front, it shall stay in the middle position for a moment to avoid hydraulic shock (especially when there is load)

after the above inspection and adjustment, the following test run shall be carried out after it is confirmed to be normal:

a withdraw the two lifting trolleys to the vicinity of the rear outrigger, but f s thinks that the front outrigger shall be retracted, and the deflection of the cantilever end of the main beam shall be measured to see whether it meets the requirements

b if a meets the requirements, drop the front outrigger in place, adjust each machine to normal, and then conduct the lifting test. The lifting weight must be within the specified range. A precast beam can also be used as a lifting weight. The lifting trolley is allowed to walk repeatedly for 2 or 3 times. The method is to stop the lifting and lowering of heavy objects, repeat for several times, then use the lifting beam to move longitudinally, stop backward, repeat for several times, and put them into use only after being sure that the braking is safe and reliable

after completing the above no-load and load tests, check whether the mechanical, mechanism, hydraulic and electrical parts are abnormal. If they are normal, they can be put into use

information source: Zhongquan road and Bridge Equipment Co., Ltd

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